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Road passenger transportation between cities resumed operation

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-03-25 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The service of road passenger transportation between cities (except Wuhan) resumed operation in Xianning from Tuesday, according to the notice issued by Xianning Municipal Road Transport Management Office on March 24.

A total of 12 passenger transport lines have resumed operation, including Xianning-Huangzhou, Xianning-Qichun, Wenquan-Huangshi, Chongyang-Huangshi, Wenquan-Yangxin, Xianning-Xiaogan, Xianning-Hanchuan, Xianning-Xiantao, Chibi-Xiantao, Jiayu-Xiantao, Wenquan-Ezhou, Tongcheng-Ezhou. Passengers are able to arrive at the station according to their requirements and the vehicles’ timetable, and the return timetable shall be subject to the announcement of the local passenger station.

All passengers are required to wear masks during the whole journey, bring valid identity documents, show health QR codes or health certificates issued by the communities (villages), take their body temperature, and obey the arrangements; passengers must take the initiative to inform their employers, communities (villages) and consciously abide by the relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control when arriving; passengers are not allowed to carry poultry, wild animals and inflammable, explosive or dangerous goods; passengers are not allowed to get on the vehicles until body temperature checking, identity verification and information registration; non-cash payment is required when purchasing tickets, according to the relevant requirements of epidemic prevention and control.(By Zhenqiang/Xianning Daily)  

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