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Xianning to launch novel coronavirus monitoring in key places

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-06-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

From Tuesday Xianning further strengthened the novel coronavirus external environment monitoring and took nucleic acid testing for key places and key groups in order to scientifically and precisely do well regular epidemic prevention and control.

The key monitoring places include the public place (all pedlars’ markets, seafood markets, supermarkets, guesthouses and hotels) and the public transportation hubs (railway stations, bus passenger terminals, etc); the key monitoring groups are fresh market practitioners in large aquatic product wholesale markets, retail farmers markets, and supermarkets.

Now every checking and monitoring work is in progress as planned. As of Thursday afternoon, inspectors have checked 56 supermarkets, farmers markets, restaurants and hotels, and collected 448 samples from poultry and meat, aquatic products, seafood, and film preparation of their external environment. All the novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing results are negative.

The expert warns that according to the current monitoring result from the key places, the novel coronavirus is not found in poultry and meat, aquatic products, seafood and their external environment in Xianning, however, global outbreak of COVID-19 makes our city at risk of imported cases. Citizens are supposed to wear a mask and cooperate with anti-epidemic measures, such as health code inspection, temperature measuring, in farmers (wholesale) markets, aquatic product (seafood) markets, department stores, supermarkets, and medical institutions; gather and dine together less to develop good health habits and be the first person responsible for their own health. (By Jiang Mingzhu/Xianning Daily)

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