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Xianning advanced individuals and groups in fighting COVID-19 commended in Beijing

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-09-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

China held a meeting to commend role models in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic in Beijing, Sept, 8th. 5 people and 2 groups from Xianning were commended at the Great Hall of the People.

5 people from Xianning were honored as advanced individuals for their roles in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. They are as follows: Zhu Jun (female), director of infectious disease department, Party branch secretary of proctology of TCM department and chief physician of Xianning Central Hospital; Wang Xuejing (female), director of infection management office and deputy senior nurse of Xianning Central Hospital; Xu Wumin,director of internal medicine department (endocrinology department and respiratory department) and deputy director in the People’s Hospital of Tongshan County; Luo Hao, Party Committee member of Tiancheng Town, Chongyang County; Jiang Han, the leader of team 2, brigade 1,  patrol branch of Xianning Public Security Bureau.

2 groups from Xianning were honored as advanced group for their roles in the country's fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, which are as follows: general Party branch of Xianning CDC and Xianning First People’s Hospital.

"We come from Xianning, Hubei Province. We will carry forward the great anti-epidemic spirit to serve the people of Xianning!" On Tuesday Morning, the role models from Xianning took group photos in front of the Great Hall of the People, and made their voices for the camera. Bright smiles, great certificates of honor, glittering medals froze the moment in the blue sky of Beijing, the capital of China.

Receiving the honors and listening to Xi Jinping's important speech at the Great Hall of the People, the role models from Xianning in fighting against COVID-19 were so proud and excited. Jiang Han who is from Xianning Public Security Bureau, said, "The great honor belongs to the whole police who fought together against the epidemic. I will continue to fight and keep the Xi Jinping’s requirements in mind, serving the people wholeheartedly for strengthening their sense of gain, sense of happiness, and sense of security, and striving to accomplish missions which the Party and the people have entrusted to us." Zhong Ping Who is from Xianning CDC, said, "We will remember the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech forever and promote anti-epidemic spirit. We will start small and keep doing well in the disease control work for the health service of Xianning people! "

On Sept 8, the news that Xianning role models were commended in Beijing went viral on Wechat moments, with many comments and likes.

"Learn from the role models!" "Salute to the heroes in the name of nation!" "They are the pride of Xianning people!" "The most lovable People." … Everyone said that they should adopt the role models as example to promote great anti-epidemic spirit, fulfill their duties, strive to comprehensive build well-off Xianning, and win both in the anti-epidemic battle and socio-economic development. (By Zhou Ronghua/Xianning Daily)

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