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Yunnan museum and Xianning museum jointly held an exhibition on fighting against COVID-19

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-10-12 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

“1158 plus Yunan most beautiful heroes in harm's way—an exhibition to fight against COVID-19” themed by showing moving stories of Yunnan people and Hubei people in fighting against COVID-19, was on display at the Yunnan Provincial Museum on Oct 1st, where about 200 protective suits from the frontline, diaries and letters were open to the public for the first time. As a specially invited exhibitor, Xianning Museum brought 14 exhibits for this exhibition.

Earlier this year, after the COVID-19 outbreak Yunnan province had dispatched a total of 1,158 medical workers to Hubei and had successfully completed the rescue mission. Among them 498 medical team members for partner assistance in Xianning have cured 821 patients and saved nearly a thousand homes in about two months, making Xianning became the first city in Hubei province to "clear all cases".

Since this February Xianning Museum and Yunnan Provincial Museum began to collect witness of fighting against COVID-19 from the society in order to carry forward the spirit of fighting the epidemic. As of Oct 9, Xianning Museum has collected a total of 198 relevant witnesses; while Yunnan Provincial Museum a total of about 400 relevant witnesses, of which about 30 related articles donated by the third medical team of Yunnan province to assist Hubei province are associated with Xianning, such as team members’ suitcases, backpacks, work permits, greeting cards, clothing and other articles of daily use, working dairies, flight assignment with signature, as well as crayon paintings for medical team members presented by Xianning children.

In the afternoon of Sept 30 Yunnan Provincial Museum held the data donation ceremony of “1158 plus Yunan most beautiful heroes in harm's way—an exhibition to fight against COVID-19”, which is the first cooperation between Yunnan Provincial Museum and Xianning Museum. As a specially invited exhibitor, Xianning Museum displayed 14 exhibits in this exhibition, including Yunnan medical team pennant with signature, team pennants, armbands, “A little penguin on a mission”, Kunming children’s theme paintings on fighting against COVID-19, letters, the banner for seeing off Yunnan medical team, etc.

He Weigang, curator of Xianning Museum, said that this exhibition re-interpreted that unforgettable history with lots of physical materials and paid a tribute to the most beautiful heroes in harm's way in a peculiar way, further carrying forward the lofty and great spirit of fighting against COVID-19. (By Du Peiqing/Xianning Daily)

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