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Jiayu campus of Wuhan Donghu University stepping up construction

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-10-16 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

"On Monday evening, we reported to the headquarters of Jiayu County that it was difficult to push forward the south gate construction because of the adjustment of power supply lines. On Tuesday morning, the headquarters of Jiayu County organized the electric power department to carry out field investigation and hold a meeting to discuss how to solve the problems." Tang Tieshan, the leader of the project, thanked to Jiayu County for the full support of the campus construction at the construction site of Jiayu campus of Wuhan Donghu University, Oct 13.

Jiayu Campus of Wuhan Donghu University is the second private university to settle in Jiayu after Jiayu Campus of Wuchang Shouyi University. The campus is located in the south of Shijing Avenue, the west of Tianye Avenue, the north of Shijingpu Road and the east of the Fourth Road of the Park. The project, with an investment of 2 billion yuan and a planned area of 2594 mu, is divided into two phrase to build a university campus which can hold 15,000 students, a training and practice base seat 1000 college students, an international academic exchange center which can accommodate 1000 people, and primary, junior and senior high school and kindergarten seat 5000 students.

To ensure that the project is completed on schedule, Jiayu County held many special coordination and promotion meetings and set up the project construction headquarters of the south campus of Wuhan Donghu University to guarantee and serve the supporting construction of the project.

Now the land of the administrative center, most of the training buildings, library, gymnasium, etc. have been paved with cerement. It is expected that the site can get access to power supply, water supply and smooth road within 3 days, and then the project will be handed over to the construction organization. (By Tan Changqiang/Xianning Daily)

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