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Tongshan - Wuning Expressway starts construction

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-11-04 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The opening ceremony of Tongshan-Wuning (the boundary between Jiangxi and Hubei) Expressway was held recently. The project is scheduled to be completed and opened to traffic in 2023.

Tongshan-Wuning Expressway is a part of Xianning-Jiujiang Expressway. The Xianning section will start construction in December and is planned to be completed and opened to traffic at the same time as the Jiangxi section.

Tongshan-Wuning Expressway starts from the provincial boundary between Jiangxi and Hubei, with a tunnel running through Jiugongshan to connect with the Hubei section and Yongxiu-Wuning Expressway, with a total length of 27.5km. It has four lanes, with a design speed is 100 km/h, a subgrade width of 26 m, and the asphalt concrete pavement. There are 14 bridges, 5 tunnels, 2 interconnections and 1 large hub along the expressway.

Tongshan-Wuning Expressway project, with a total investment of 4.3298 billion yuan, is built by CCCC Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd. and is scheduled to be completed and opened to traffic in October, 2023. The project is of great significance to improve the traffic condition of Tongshan County and Wuning County, strengthen the transformation and connection between Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway and Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway, promote the interconnection between the urban cluster around Poyang Lake and the Wuhan city circle, and speed up the economic and social development of the regions along the route. (By Pang Yun/Xianning Daily)

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