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Xianning “Olympics Kids” competition ended

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-11-16 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

2020 Hubei parent-child games and Xianning “Olympics Kids” competition was held in Xianning Sports Center on Nov. 8.

More than 900 players from 15 kindergartens and 450 families across the city participated in the competition, and teachers, parents and their children had a good weekend together.

This competition is divided into two major events: individual competition and team competition, and 16 teams were divided into two groups to compete through cross match system. After fierce competition, 15 children and their families from 8 kindergartens won the first, second and third prizes of 5 individual events respectively, such as “tetris”, “fruit harvest”, “parent-child relay race”, “parent-child steeplechase”, and “road of the five colors”; 6 kindergartens won the awards in the 3 team events: “being in the same boat”, “happy forward”, and “great cycle of physical strength” respectively.

A parent who accompanied the child told the reporter that his child was very happy to participate in the event and had been training recently. He has even gotten rid of his procrastination habit. On the day of rehearsal, they also early came to the venue, for fear of missing some wonderful moments. (By Ding Wanying/Xianning Daily)

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