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A forest farm of Xianning selected into the national forest health maintenance base pilot

source:xianning.gov.cn 2020-11-17 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Currently Chinese Forestry Industry Association issued the list of 2020 national forest health maintenance base pilot construction units, and Huangpao forest farm, Tongcheng, Xianning was successfully selected into the 6th batch of national forest health maintenance base pilot construction units.

The state-owned Huangpao Forest Farm of Tongcheng County was built in October 1963, formerly known as Tongcheng state-run oil tea farm, and the total operating area is 20,210 mu, including 20,102 mu of forest land, with a total stock volume of 14,010 cubic meters, and a forest coverage rate of more than 85%. All of forest farm has been included in national key ecological public welfare forests and provincial-level nature reserves. The main body of the forest farm is Huangpao Mountain, with various natural landscapes such as grotesque rocks, karst caves and secluded springs. It is also one of the old revolutionary base areas in the border areas of Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi provinces. Ditian Village Red Tour scenic spot, named "famous tourist village in Hubei Province", is located at the foot of the mountain, with martyrs cemetery, monument and the early activity memorial hall of Marshal Luo Ronghuan.

The construction units of the national forest health maintenance base pilot project not only require the applicants to have unique natural landscape, excellent ecological environment, cultural ecosystem and other resource endowment, but also have strict requirements on infrastructure, reception capacity, management capacity and institution construction. The national forest health maintenance base pilot construction units were selected through review and recommendation by the competent departments of the application unit, special inspection, local publicity and expert review and national publicity and other procedures.

Chinese Forestry Industry Association urges pilot construction units to strictly enforce the protection and utilization of forest land and other rules, optimizing the forest base environment, enriching and promoting forest health maintenance elements, improving forest base infrastructure services, enriching forest health maintenance products, building forest health maintenance brand, prospering forest health maintenance culture, perfecting forest health maintenance base development planning, strengthening personnel training, and constantly improving the level of forest health maintenance services to speed up the forest health maintenance industry development. (By Zhou Yang/Xianning Daily)

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