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Xianning received 880,000 visitors during the New Year’s Day holiday

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-01-04 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

During the New Year’s Day holiday, with fine weather, Xianning received a total of 881,000 tourists and comprehensive tourism revenue of 440 million yuan.

The Chibi Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, scenic spot included in the monitoring scope of Hubei holiday market economy index, has received a total of 22,700 tourists, with comprehensive tourism revenue of 1.357 million yuan during the three-day holiday, while Jiugong Mountain scenic spot a total of 8,700 tourists, with comprehensive tourism revenue of 6.916 million yuan.

Before the holiday, the city continues to carry out “Travel to Hubei with love” activity and actively promote “hot spring + skiing” featured brand to bring together the popularity of tourism. Although the scenic spots resumed ticket sales, the preferential activity influence continues to release and hot spring and snow boost the holiday market, so that 60,000 tourists took hot spring bath and enjoyed skiing in Xianning during the holiday.

Under the premise of ensuring safe and orderly visitors flow control, the city has carried out a series of cultural activities into the scenic area in the holiday: “Gratefulness for New Year -- A feast to welcome the spring and celebrate the New Year” in 10000-mu tea garden·Tetris Town in Chibi, the anniversary celebration of the opening of Grand View Garden of Hometown of Yao Forefathers in Tongcheng, the first Jurassic Adventure Carnival in Yellow Crane Tower Forest Wine Town, a starry sky feast concert in Radish Commune scenic spot in Xian’an……

Self-driving tour is the main force of New Year's Day tourism market in our city. In the sunny New Year, walking in the wild fields "to enjoy food" booms the city's rural leisure and rural food. Zishan Lake·Jiangnanli Homestay was fully booked, and the latest B&B is popular with online tourists. Many rural B&B businesses have booked up ahead of the holiday, so it’s hard to find a house.

Although a batch of scenic spots such as Yinshui Cave resumed ticket sales during the holiday, they continue to implement preferential policies, like free admission for life for medical teams and their relatives aided Hubei province and free visit to scenic spots for medical staff from Hubei province. Meanwhile, the appointment system will continue to be implemented. Visitors must measure the temperature and scan the code before entering the scenic spot, and remind them in a prominent position to wear masks and wash their hands frequently. They are encouraged to use serving chopsticks and individual serving. (By Wang Limin/Xianning Daily)

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