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253 enterprises won the title of “Xianning credit enterprise”

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-01-05 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, “Credit Xianning to walk the world”—credit the future and Xianning credit enterprises awarding activity was held in Xianning Cultural Center. 253 enterprises were awarded “Xianning credit enterprise”, and the plaque was granted to 67 AAA “Xianning credit enterprises” in the site.

The selection of "Xianning credit enterprise" was officially launched last September. After the online application, qualification examination, expert review, and public announcement, 253 companies stood out and successfully won the title of “Xianning credit enterprise”, including 67 AAA “Xianning credit enterprises”, 127 AA+ “Xianning credit enterprises”, and 59 AA “Xianning credit enterprises”.

Themed by “Credit Xianning to walk the world”, this awarding activity aims to set up the good credit model, expand the good faith publicity, and further create a good social atmosphere of "knowing, using and keeping faith".

At the site, invited enterprise representatives watched the annual working video of Xianning Credit; the people involved announced the list of the first Xianning credit enterprises and awarded 67 AAA “Xianning credit enterprises”. Xianning credit service platform’s function was introduced in the site, displaying online renewal of a contract and easy borrowing by credit.

Representatives of enterprises with good faith expressed that they would make persistent efforts, give full play to the typical exemplary role, continue to promote the culture of good faith, drive more forces to actively participate in the construction of "Credit Xianning", jointly promote the construction of Xianning credit system to a new level and achieve new results, and contribute to the economic and social development of Xianning. (By Song Wenhu/Xianning Daily)

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