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Meng Xiangwei and Wang Yuanhe discussed with CCTEB delegation

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-01-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Chen Weiguo, Party secretary and president of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as CCTEB), and his team on Wednesday afternoon investigated in Xianning. Meng Xiangwei, secretary of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Yuanhe, deputy secretary of Xianning Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Xianning, discussed with the delegation about relevant cooperation to further consolidate and improve the quality and efficiency of bilateral cooperation.

Chen introduced the development of the company and thanked Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government for supporting CCTEB’s projects in Xianning and welcoming the delegation. He said that Xianning plays an important role in the construction and development of urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of Yangtze River and Wuhan city circle, with good mountains and water and good people. Since the strategic cooperation with Xianning was reached in 2015, CCTEB has carried out a series of cooperation in areas such as water environment improvement, transportation infrastructure construction and comprehensive development of the area, which not only contributes to the development of Xianning city, but also provides effective support for the development of the company. It is hoped that the two sides will continue their cooperative friendship, build a high degree of mutual trust and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. Next CCTEB will actively implement the relevant cooperation agreements, do not speak of conditions, regardless of the cost, and implement the existing cooperation projects with the heart, deep plowing Xianning, serving Xianning, and paying back Xianning with practical actions. CCTEB is full of confidence and expectations for the development of “14th Five-Year Plan” of Xianning, and it hopes to conduct in-depth cooperation on major projects such as ecological environmental protection and urban comprehensive development, jointly write a new chapter of in-depth cooperation between the two sides, and make new and greater contributions to the high-quality economic and social development of Xianning during the period of “14th Five-Year Plan”.

On behalf of Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government and the people in the city, Meng extend a warm welcome to CCTEB delegation and expressed heartfelt thanks for their contribution to the economic and social development of our city. He said that as we enter a new stage of development and stand at a new historical starting point, we hope that the two sides will strengthen communication and synergy, step up efforts, implement existing cooperation projects as agreed, actively implement the requirements of the new stage of development, the new concept of development and the new pattern of development, carry out work creatively and constantly improve the quality and efficiency of cooperation.

Meng said that both sides should combine with the “14th Five-Year Plan” for development of Xianning to jointly plan specific cooperation projects closely around the development orientation of building the growth pole of characteristic industry, transformation development pilot zone and park city of natural ecology. He wishes CCTEB can give full play to their own advantages and resources to make greater efforts and contributions in Xianning city management, operation, maintenance, innovation and other aspects, and to achieve win-win development in the long-term and in-depth cooperation with Xianning, serving as a good partner of Xianning to accelerate the realization of high-quality development, high-quality life, efficient governance. Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government will vigorously carry forward the spirit of "waiter", strengthen service awareness, continue to improve the business environment, and try their best to provide the best service for the enterprises, letting them feel assured and satisfied to achieve better and faster development in Xianning.

Li Qi, deputy secretary and general manager of CCTEB, Jiang Xinghua, director of the Standing Committee of Xianning Municipal People’s Congress, Yang Liangfeng, member of the Standing Committee of Xianning Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xianning High-tech Zone, and Wu Gang, deputy mayor of Xianning, attended the symposium. (By Jiang Mingzhu/Xianning Daily)

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