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Xianning welcomed 1.299 million tourists during the Spring Festival

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-02-18 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Taking the opportunity of the Spring Festival holiday, Jiang Fumin and his family living in Wenquan district came to Tongshan Longyin Mountain Scenic Area to play with joy on Feb 14. “The new scenic spot is really different, because there are our favorite glass overpass, zip line, cliff swing, as well as Dragon Man theme park for kids, camping house, etc. We have booked a home stay facility as soon as we arrived there, planning to stay until the end of the holiday before returning to town.” Jiang said with a smile.

In Chibi ancient battlefield scenic area, the service personal Qu Jing is tired but happy for every day she receives a lot of local tourists who come here to visit. She didn't have a day off during the Spring Festival. She said that unlike the previous year, she should always remind tourists of the staggered shifts to scan the code into the park and visit on the way to wear a mask.

The relevant responsible person of Xianning Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said that combining the new demand for “celebrating the Spring Festival locally”, the departments of culture and tourism make plans in advance to enrich the supply of cultural and tourism products and services during the Spring Festival, scientifically and accurately prevent and control epidemic diseases, and ensure the safety of cultural and tourism markets in the holiday. During the Spring Festival, the travel way was characterized by "short cycle, short distance and slow rhythm"; "travel for peace of mind" products such as small package tours and family tours are popular; individualized ways of celebrating the Spring Festival, such as "taking the Spring Festival in a home stay facility ", have become new favorites; hot spring tour, skiing tour, family visit tour, village folk custom tour, and boutique homestay vacation tour effectively drive the Spring Festival holiday tourism market in Xianning.

According to the statistics, during the 7-Day holiday, Xianning received a total of 1.299 million tourists and comprehensive tourism revenue of 658 million yuan. The Chibi Ancient Battlefield of the Three Kingdoms, scenic spot included in the monitoring scope of Hubei holiday market economy index, has received a total of 92,300 tourists, with comprehensive tourism revenue of 4.3309 million yuan during the Spring Festival holiday, while Jiugong Mountain scenic spot a total of 12,500 tourists, with comprehensive tourism revenue of 14.172 million yuan.

In order to ensure the safety and stability of the city's tourism market during the Spring Festival, six inspection teams (from the member units of the special committee of culture and tourism, such as Xianning Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Xianning Administration for Market Regulation, Xianning Municipal Health Commission, Xianning Municipal Bureau of Transportation, Xianning Municipal Forestry Bureau, Xianning Municipal Fire Rescue Detachment) were set up to carry out work safety inspections in cultural and tourism markets throughout the city; all counties (cities, districts) carried out the epidemic prevention and control special inspection and inspections on work safety before the Spring Festival at key tourist attractions, cultural and entertainment venues under their respective jurisdictions. During the 7-day holiday, the city dispatched more than 910 cultural and tourism law enforcement officers to inspect 856 operating entities of various cultural and tourism markets. Until at 6:00 pm February 17, the city's cultural and tourism markets remain generally stable, and there are no major safety accidents or major tourism complaints within the territory. (By Zhu Yaping/Xianning Daily)

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