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Hubei Dingtu Tourism & Culture Co.,Ltd. came to Xianning to discuss investment

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-02-20 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Hubei Dingtu Tourism &Culture Co.,Ltd. on Thursday afternoon came to Xianning to discuss investment in cultural tourism projects. Zeng Guoping, chairman of CPPCC Xianning Municipal Committee, presided over the symposium on investment projects, discussing with Cheng Kun, president of Hubei Dingtu Tourism &Culture Co.,Ltd.

Zeng welcomed and thanked Hubei Dingtu Tourism &Culture Co.,Ltd. for its investment in Xianning. He said that Xianning is the hometown of osmanthus fragrans in China and the old hauntof the Red Cliff of the Three Kingdoms. It has rich resources, good ecology, superior location and long history, as well as a unique development advantage. Meanwhile, Hubei Dingtu’s health maintenance tourism projectsare highly consistent with the strategic deployment of sparing no effort to build China's Osmanthus City and accelerating the development of big health industry by Xianning municipal Party committee and municipal government.

Zeng wishes Hubei Dingtu can combine with the city conditions to integrate the advantageous resources and characteristic industry into the planning and design,making the project planning and construction more in line with the actual development of Xianning cultural tourism; on the basis of firmly implementing the overall strategy of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the CPC Central Committee on the protection of the Yangtze River, Hubei Dingtu will further clear investment positioning and long-term planning, strengthen horizontal contact and practical use of existing resources to improve the customer flow guiding capacity, do a good job in the three articles of ancient sites, aromatic health maintenance, and urban water park to build a large-scale and characteristic tourism complex, and take culture as a starting point and incorporate modern elements to boost the development of cultural tourism.

Cheng said that Xianning has advantageous geographical position, thick history and culture, as well as unique conditions for the development of cultural tourism with huge development potential, so he is full of confidence in the construction of cultural tourism industry projects with Xianning, and hopes that the project will be launched as soon as possible to achieve common development and mutual benefit and win-win results.

Chen Jianhua, general secretary of CPPCC Xianning Municipal Committee, attended the meeting. (By Song Wenhu/Xianning Daily)

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