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Xianning continues to carry out rural construction

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-03-01 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

In 2021, Xianning will continue to promote rural construction from such six aspects as addressing inadequacies, strengthening industry, beautifying environment, promoting education, creating rural civilization, and consolidating achievements, so as to achieve the connection between consolidating as well as expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, according to Xianning Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs on February 24.

Addressing inadequacies, that is, Xianning will strengthen weakness of rural infrastructure such as water supply, power supply and roads; rebuild 100 rural unsafe bridges and 300 kilometers of rural roads with "four good standards"; speed up the cover of 5G and the construction of " villages and towns with natural gas supply" in rural areas.

Strengthening industry, that is, Xianning will enhance eight characteristic pillar industries, such as sweet-scented osmanthus, oil-tea camellia, bamboo, etc; build and transform the standardized characteristic base of 670,000 mu; promote the development of agricultural industrialization and expand new business type in rural areas.

Beautifying environment, that is, Xianning will launch a five-year action to improve the living environment in rural areas; promote "management of flood, waterlog, sewage, water supply” in beautiful demonstration villages, complete the construction of 6122 rural toilets and 33 administrative villages; realize full coverage of waste management in villages; newly build more than 10 domestic sewage treatment equipments and 100 km of sewerage pipe network.

Promoting education, that is, Xianning will strive for the construction of public kindergartens in rural areas; increase the number of places for preschool education by 10,000; ensure the county teachers devoting into supporting education in rural areas shall not be less than 10%.

Creating rural civilization, that is, Xianning will promote the changes in customs and traditions, strengthen the construction of cultural carriers and the promotion of democracy and the rule of law; enrich recreational activities for the masses; deepen the construction of pilot villages of rural governance, democracy and the rule of law.

Consolidating achievements, that is, Xianning will enhance the assistance mechanism and implement dynamic monitoring of low-income people; do a good job in the selection and assignment of stationing officials in villages and the first secretary; relieve poverty through consumption.  (By Zhou Yang/Xianning Daily)

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