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Youth League Xianning Municipal Committee organizes and carries out psychological lecture

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-03-01 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Youth League Xianning Municipal Committee, E’nan Senior High School and Xianning Psychological Consultants Association jointly held “Cherish life—12355 adolescent mental health knowledge lecture” in the academic hall of E’nan Senior High School on Saturday morning, and Prof Lei Wuming, psychologist and director of Psychological Education Research Institute of Wuhan University of Technology, was invited to lecture.

From such three aspects as the psychological disorders and the spectrum of mental disorders, common psychological disorders, mental diseases early prevention, recognition and preliminary treatment, combining with his own years of teaching, scientific research, practical experience, Prof Lei popularized and explained the psychological knowledge for everyone in popular and easy-to-understand language, and also focused on the primary prevention and treatment of psychological disorders in adolescent groups.

Youth League Xianning Municipal Committee will continue to integrate resources and build a work structure of "expert + consultant + volunteer" based on 12355 Youth Service Platform, further promoting the Post-epidemic Adolescent Psychological Counseling Program to help them grow up healthily. (By Zhang Min/Xianning Daily)

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