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Xianning Transportation Department and Wuhan Port Jinkou Portto open land-and-water coordinated transport

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-04-02 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

"To ensure that the goods are loaded and unloaded timely, enter and leave the port safely and efficiently, we will give a 5% discount on the basis of the market price." Xianning Municipal Transportation and Logistics Development Bureau and Wuhan Port Jinkou Port Co., Ltd. reached a "Port Express Track Strategic Cooperation Agreement"on March 31, which marks that Xianning logistics enterprises will get more rapid, preferential and high-quality port services.

The two sides held a signing ceremony and Jinkou Port business promotion meeting on March 31 to jointly develop Xianning’s market and serve local enterprises. Representatives of more than 20 logistics, trade, manufacturing enterprises from various counties and cities, as well as representatives of Logistics Associations attended the meeting.

"Of the three modes of transportation, the cost of water transport is the lowest. In order to solve the problems of high logistics cost, few resources and so on, Xianningadjusts the transport structure and enhances the land-and-water coordinated transport. Xianning has not yet built a local large general-purpose wharf so far.To open the water transport channel, we think Jinkou Port is the best choice after various investigations in the surrounding wharves, " introduced by the relevant person in charge of Xianning Municipal Transportation and Logistics Development Bureau.

In the future, the transportation department of Xianning will continue to promote the construction of projects such as the Yangtze River Gateway Port and the Xianning-Huangshi rail freight special line.According to the needs of enterprises, it will integrate the logistics resources in the upper and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and expand a number of highway, railway and water transport lines to serve Xianning enterprises, so that they have more choices to reduce cost and increase benefit.(By Zhang Huan/Xianning Daily)

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