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Xianning set up the first Rural Revitalization School

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-04-06 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Tongcheng County Rural Revitalization School was established on April 1in the Party School of Tongcheng County Party Committee, which is the first rural revitalization school in Xianning.

Talents are the key to rural revitalization, and the high-quality rural talents cultivation is the fundamental guarantee for the implementation of rural revitalization. The school will aim to serve the construction of "beautiful villages", the training of technical and skilled personnel for rural revitalization, and the promotion for the rural integrative development. Relying on the education platform of the Party School of Tongcheng County Party Committee, and adopting the combination of theoretical training and skill training, classroom training and base training, the school focuses on the cultivation of agricultural production and management talents,  secondary and tertiary industries development talents in rural areas, rural public service talents, rural governance talents, agricultural and rural scientific and technological talents.

The school will set up "Expert Think Tanks" with all kinds of experts, local lecturers, etc. Personnel training will be implemented based on the cooperation by multiple subjects. Jiayu County Party School will coordinate the Departments of Human resource and Social Security, Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Forestry, Water Conservancy, Culture and Tourism, Health Care, Education, and Commerce, and set classes by stages in line with their respective functions and responsibilities, so as to truly turn the rural revitalization school into a talent "cradle" for rural revitalization work.

The establishment of rural revitalization schools in Jiayu County aims to encourage all kinds of talents to inspire potential in the vast rural areas,  providing strong support for Jiayu to make up for the shortcomings of talents shortage and comprehensively promoting the work of rural revitalization.(By Huang Wangping/Xianning Daily)

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