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Xianning cares for "children of the stars" on World Autism Awareness Day

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-04-06 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

World Autism Awareness Day falls on April 2. For days the related departments carried out a series of charity activities to help the disabled, calling for more people to take part in caring for autistic children and bring love and care to them.

Autism, also known as autistic disorder, occurs most often in children. Children with autism are also called "children of the stars" because they live in their own world and are as lonely as the stars. They are described as being deaf to sound while they are not deaf. They are not blind, but blind to the people and things around them; and they are not dumb, but they do not know how to speak.

Xianning Disabled Persons' Federation held the first theme activity of Autism Day 2021 on March 27. The activity invited Prof. Fan Jingyi from Wuhan University and her graduate student team to give free clinical treatment for autistic children in the rehabilitation center of Xianning Disabled Persons' Federation. The volunteers from Xianning Volunteer Association held a fun parent-child interactive sports meeting with autistic children to popularize autism knowledge, create a social atmosphere to care about the growth of autistic children, and correct all kinds of discrimination against autistic children and their families.

The Party member volunteers from Xianning Municipal People’s Congress carried out a charity activity to help the disabled in Xianning Colorful Dream Rehabilitation Center on April 2. They presented drawing board, easel, paintbrush, paper and other school supplies to autistic children, sending care to the "children of the stars". The Party member volunteers from the first Party branch of the office and the veteran cadre Party branch of the Standing Committee of the Xianning Municipal People's Congress actively donated and sent love to the autistic children. (By Wu Qingpeng/Xianning Daily)

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