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Xianning held lecture to reduce stress for candidates

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-05-31 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

On May 25th, the stress relief lecture of "relaxing preparation ·12355 with you", hosted by Xianning Municipal Party Committee of the Communist Youth League and organized by Pugongying Social Work Service Center of Jiayu County, went to Longyang Senior High School in Chongyang County and Chengguan Middle School in Tongcheng County, bringing a special stress release lesson to nearly 2000 students who were about to take the senior high school and college entrance examination.

This lecture invited Dai Zhengqing, director of the Institute of Development and Educational Psychology in Wuhan University, to deliver a speech. Dai Zhengqing started with what is test anxiety, why candidates need moderate anxiety, and how to maintain a good relationship with their parents. He made a detailed analysis in the mental health of students and the causes when the senior high school and college entrance examination are coming. For the possible symptoms of anxiety, tension and even fear, Cai provided a series of practical methods for relieving stress and regulating mood.

The lecture enjoyed a warm atmosphere. Students carefully learned the actions and knowledge about stress relief, actively participated in interactive activities such as Q & A, and wrote down their doubts and thoughts on a piece of paper. Dai answered all the questions for the students. The students said that the lecture was informative and they learned a lot to reduce stress and relax.

"As volunteers, we hope to do our part to help students adjust, so that they can meet the exam in good condition and achieve ideal results.

Next, we will go to other schools to bring students methods of releasing stress over exams." Li Hongxia, president of the Pugongying Social Work Service Center in Jiayu County, said.(By Tan Hongyu/Xianning Daily)

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