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Xiuzheng Donghua Intelligent Pharmaceutical Industrial Park to settle in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-06-01 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., together with Donghua Software signed an agreement with Xianning High-tech Zone on the morning of May 31.Xiuzheng Donghua Intelligent Pharmaceutical Industrial Park project will settle in Xianning High-tech Zone. Xiu Laichun, secretary of the Party Committee and vice chairman of Xiuzheng Group, Wu Aiguo, vice president of Donghua Software Co., Ltd., president of Donghua Guangpu Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., Meng Xiangwei, secretary of Xianning Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Yuanhe, deputy secretary of Xianning Municipal Party Committee and mayor, attended the signing ceremony.

Xiuzheng Donghua Intelligent Pharmaceutical Industrial Park project, with a total investment of 3 billion yuan, mainly builds a comprehensive pharmaceutical industrial park which integrates production base for healthy medicine products, headquarters base,medical instruments center, R&D center, and life science data center. After the project is put into production, the annual output value will total 3 billion yuan while the tax revenue will reach about 200 million yuan.

Xiu Laichun and Wu Aiguo said that after previous investigation and communication, Xianning's advantages of traffic location, ecological environment, and industrial foundation were highly recognized by everyone, especially the good business environment, which reassured the launch of the project. They said that cooperation with Xianning is at the right place and the right time.Xiuzheng Pharmaceutical Industry and Donghua Software will fulfill their corporate social responsibility, step up the promotion of the project, do their best in Xianning Intelligent Pharmaceutical Industrial Park project,and boost the high-quality development of Xianning biomedical industry and economy.

Meng Xiangwei and Wang Yuanhe extended a warm welcome to the delegation led by Xiu Laichun and Wu Aiguo.City leaders said that Xianning has a profound foundation and unique advantages for the development of traditional Chinese medicine.They hope that the two sides will cooperate closely to achieve greater results in protecting, exploring, developing, and inheriting traditional Chinese medicine; will make greater achievements in seizing the historical opportunities for the development of Wuhan-Xianning and jointly expanding and strengthening the health care industry. The Party Committees, People’s Governments and functional departments at all levels in Xianning will take this agreement signing as a new starting point for providing better services, continue to create the best business environment, and go all out to ensure the project can start construction, put into production as soon as possible, so as to let entrepreneurs invest, develop, feel satisfied, and make success in Xianning.

Liu Shaotang, vice president of Xiuzheng Group and general adviser on investment decision of Xiuzheng Development and Construction Group, Liu Gang, chief executive of Donghua Software Co., Ltd., Donghua Guangpu Big Data Technology Co., Ltd., and Xiong Xiangtao, vice mayor, Xia Fuqing, secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the management committee of Xianning High-tech Zone, attended the signing ceremony.(By Jiang Mingzhu/Xianning Daily)

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