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Over 20,000 candidates of Xianning sit the college entrance examination

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-06-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The national college entrance examination is launched today, with more than 20,000 candidates sitting the examination. It is the first year after the reform of the college entrance examination.The examination has increased from 2 days to 3 days, and candidates may have to change the examination rooms on the third day. For the regular epidemic prevention and control, candidates are required to wear masks in and out of the test centers, and they have the choice whether or not to wear masks in the examination rooms.

Compared with previous years, there are some changes in the management, application, enrollment of the new college entrance examination. The examination adopts the mode of "3+1+2", and the subjects are increased from 5 to 9.

As candidates choose different subjects, the examination rooms on the third day may be different from those of the previous two days even if candidates take the exam in the same test center. And they may take two exams on the last day in different examination rooms and on different seats.The education department reminds candidates to pay attention to the number of the examination room and the adjustment of the examination room.

Due to the regular epidemic prevention and control,  mask wearing may not influence identification of candidates when entering the test centers or examination rooms. According to the regulations, candidates are allowed to enter only after being taken body temperature. During the examination, Xianning Municipal Health Commission will send a deputy examiner for each test center for guiding the epidemic prevention and control work.

Because some students sit the cross-school examinations, various schools organize special cars which are accompanied by their head teachers, providing service of delivering students to test centers. And candidates must sit in their designated seats. In addition, teachers remind candidates to bring their ID cards and admission cards. If they fail to bring them, candidates should stay calm can submit papers or relevant documents according to regulations before the next exam. Also,Xianning Municipal Public Security Bureau will continue to open green service channels for candidates to apply for temporary identity cards on the spot.(By Xiong Daping/Xianning Daily)

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