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Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge won the Outstanding Engineering Award

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-07-15 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Jiayu Yangtze River Highway Bridge, invested by Hubei Provincial Communications Investment Group, won the Outstanding Engineering Award of International Road Federation for its design, according to news from China Highway and Transportation Society on July 13.

Jiayu Yangtze River Highway Bridge, with an investment of 3.144 billion yuan and a length of 4660 meters, is located on Jiayu - Yanwo River (Honghu) section in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, which is the outer ring expressway of Wuhan city circle for crossing Yangtze River.  The bridge, the first cross-river bridge in Xianning, began construction in February, 2016 and was completed and opened to traffic in November, 2019.

After opening to traffic, it takes only 5 minutes to drive from Jiayu to Honghu, shortening the trip by more than 100 kilometers and enabling Hubei cities along the Yangtze River to realize that "every city has access to the Yangtze River Bridge."

In order to meet the natural, environmental conditions and requirements of the bridge site, Jiayu Yangtze River Bridge, designed with a main span of 920 meters, is a cable-stayed bridge with double towers and double cable planes, which is an asymmetric hybrid girder cable-stayed bridge with the largest span in the world. The design solves the technical problems in the construction of thousand-meter asymmetric hybrid girder cable-stayed bridge and creates a number of innovative achievements.

During the construction, Xianning Project Group of Hubei Provincial Communications Investment Group, which was responsible for the specific construction and management of the bridge, set strict limits on quality and safety control, and constantly innovated technology and construction methods. It won more than 80 international and domestic innovation achievements, among which "BIM system for bridge parametric design" was awarded the first prize in BIM Competition of the 9th China Innovation Cup.

The Global Road Achievement Awards of International Road Federation, established in 2000, is one of the most prestigious honors in the international road industry, selecting innovative projects and role models every year to award its contribution in promoting the road industry into the forefront of world economic and social development. (By Tan Hongyu/Xianning Daily)

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