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7 cooperatives in Xianning on the list of national demonstration farmers' cooperatives

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-07-16 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, eight departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance, etc. issued a paper to announce the list of the 2020 national demonstration farmers' cooperatives, of which seven farmers' cooperatives in Xianning were selected. So far, there are 26 national demonstration farmers' cooperatives in Xianning.

The seven cooperatives are as follows, Qingshan Tea Professional Cooperative in Xian’an District, Xinsanhui Green Agricultural Products Professional Cooperative in Tongcheng County, Qinggang White Tea Professional Cooperative in Chongyang County, Conglin Ecological Breeding Professional Cooperative in Chibi City, Changfu Bamboo Professional Cooperative in Chongyang County, Huangjingtang Tea Professional Cooperative in Xianning, and Shuguang Planting Professional Cooperative in Chibi City.

The eight departments require that the national demonstration farmers' cooperatives should cherish honor, further improve the quality and ability; strengthen service and increase farmers' income; pay close attention to standardization, perfect rules and regulations, and strengthen democratic management to protect the rights of members; enhance the green development of agriculture, focus on developing "pollution-free agricultural products, green food, organic agricultural products, agro-product Geographical indications", and improve quality, efficiency and competitiveness; take the lead to persist in lawful business operation, work in unity and close cooperation.

In recent years, based on the resources and industrial development, Xianning has made great efforts to develop new agricultural operators such as farmers' professional cooperatives and family farms, train new farmers through demonstration cooperatives, encourage and support rural talents to lead the agricultural business, and give favorable policies support in finance, tax, talent, entrepreneurship and so on. The number of farmers' professional cooperatives and family farms in Xianning is constantly expanding, covering more areas with larger scale.

Now there are 6559 registered farmers' professional cooperatives in Xianning, of which 26 are national demonstration cooperatives, 46 at the provincial level and 46 at the municipal level. Nearly 200000 farmers have been driven to become the backbone of rural revitalization.  (By He Chunyin/Xianning Daily)

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