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Xian'an selected as counties (districts) in building water-saving society

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-07-27 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, the Ministry of Water Resources issued a notice on the list of the fourth batch of counties (districts) in building the water-saving society, and Xian'an District was selected.

Xian'an District is rich in water resources. There are 4 lakes such as Futou Lake and Xiliang Lake, more than 70 small and medium-sized rivers such as Gan River and Gaoqiao River,  and 91 small, medium and large reservoirs such as Nanchuan Reservoir and Simenlou Reservoir. The average annual water resources in Xian'an reaches 1.229 billion m³, with the per capita water resources totaling 3425 m³, and the average water consumption in recent years reaching about 290 million m³.

Since the development of building a water-saving society, Xian'an District, based on the water-saving carriers construction and water-saving publicity, has paid highly attention to it, and has formed a good atmosphere of water resources management of "water management, water consumption, water saving and water protection".

By determining the red line for the development and utilization of water resources, Xian'an District strictly controls the total amount of water consumption, and implements water license management and paid use of water resources, so as to ensure the scientific and effective control of water consumption in the whole region. The Water Resources Department brings non-resident water users above the designated size under the planned water consumption management, calculates and approves the annual water consumption plan of water users according to the water consumption quota standards, formulates and issues annual water consumption plans for water users of public water supply networks and self-provided water sources. Also, the comprehensive utilization efficiency of water resources, the economic and eco-environmental benefits have been significantly improved through a series of water-saving measures, such as strengthening the water measurement, promoting the reform of agricultural water prices, implementing a ladder water price system for residents and non-residents, popularizing water-saving appliances, and reducing the leakage rate of pipe networks, etc.  (By Ma Liya/Xianning Daily)

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