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Daji Middle School Football Team of Chongyang County won the championship

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-07-28 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The football match at the school sports meeting of Hubei provincial traditional characteristic activity, and the summer camp of the football league for middle school students came to an end on the afternoon of July 18. Daji Middle School Football Team of Chongyang County, which is Xianning City Team, beat Jingmen City Team 1:0 to win the championship. 

During the seven-day competition, the young football players from Daji Middle School made it all the way to the junior high school men's group final. At 3:45 on July 18th, the final kicked off at No.1 playing field in Qianjiang Middle School affiliated to Central China Normal University. Daji Middle School of Chongyang County played against Haihui Middle School of Jingmen City. In the first half, the two sides strengthened their defense, and neither of the teams have scored a goal. In the second half, Daji Middle School got a free kick and the shot by Yin Jialong, who wore No. 10, made the score 1:0. Then, Daji Middle School held the lead, and finally beat Haihui Middle School 1:0 to win the championship of Provincial Campus Football League. Also, Huang Weiqing of Daji Middle School was honored as provincial "best coach", and Gong Ao won the title of provincial "best athlete". 

Daji Middle School Football Team missed the champion in the 2019 Provincial Campus Football League final at the penalty shootout. This time, Daji Middle School Football Team, the representative of Xianning Team, won the championship for the first time and made history. (By Ding Wei/Xianning Daily)

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