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The fourth Xianning story-telling contest successfully concluded

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-07-29 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The finals of the common people lecture activity and the fourth Xianning story-telling contest on Wednesday night were held in the No.1 studio of Xianning Media Building. The city leaders Zhang Shijun, Zhen Fangsong and Sun Xinmiao watched in the site and presented awards to the winners.

Since opened in this April, the fourth Xianning story-telling contest had held nearly 20 times in dozens of towns in six counties or districts. More than one thousand players told the moving stories happened in Xianning through the people’s stage "Xianning story" contest.

In the evening's grand final, 10 contestants came on stage in turn. Based on the reality, they combined with their responsibilities and typical examples at their side to vividly tell the red stories of the older generation of revolutionary heroes born in Xianning who shed their blood for the revolutionary cause, the stories of all walks of life work as one in the fight against the epidemic, the stories of models in the new era, like Tang Guangyou, who are generous in giving help with boundless love, and the touching stories in the poverty alleviation in Xianning.

“He was duty-bound not to turn back, sang loudly The Internationale, and died a martyr's death at last…” told by Tan Ning from Xianning Vocational Technical College in He Gongwei’s Patriotism, which took everyone back to the moment when youth role model He Gongwei went to his death bravely, reflecting the firm faith of a Communist Party member and the great spirit of dedicated for the Party’s cause.

“That summer 91 years ago, also at the age of 15, a Chongyang boy resolutely walked out of the mountains and joined into the revolutionary torrent…” said Yang Ye, a township cadre from Qingshan Town, Chongyang County, who shared the story of Zhao Guotai, a founding general born in Chongyang.

Loyal and Immortal Qian Ying, Spiritual Energy, Everlasting life in the torrent—in memory of Gao Jiancheng, a hero fought the flood, Online and Offline, A girl bathing in the pond in winter……stories narrated by contestants one by one moved every audience in the site.

After judging by five judges, Xu Rui and Chen Mingjin won the first prize in the narration and performance categories respectively. (By Ma Liya/Xianning Daily)

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