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5 families of Xianning shortlisted for selection of the most beautiful families in Jingchu

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-09-07 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The selection of the most beautiful families in Jingchu in 2021 began network voting on Monday, and 5 families of Xianning were shortlisted for it.

The selection of the most beautiful families in Jingchu in 2021, hosted by Hubei Women’s Federation and the Civilization Office of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, aims to unite and lead families to promote family values in the new era and sing the theme of loving the Party, loving the country and loving socialism, lasting until September from May.

On the basis of extensive search, this activity highly recommended the most beautiful family model and honest and upright family model who remember the history and gratitude of the Party, pass on the red gene, develop the revolutionary spirit and carry forward the patriotism, as well as the most beautiful family models who hold wedding and funeral simply, respect parents and the elderly, boycott whopping price betrothal gifts and advocate new family style. After the recommendation and expert review, a total of 115 households in the province have participated in the online voting process, including Hu Shuangjiu’s family, Ruan Tao’s family, Xia Xingjuan’s family, Wang Yanping’s family and Wang Xiaoying’s family from Xianning.

From now until 24:00 on September 10, citizens can follow the WeChat official account of “Jimu news” and click bottom menu bar “the most beautiful family” to vote the 5 families of Xianning. (By Pang Yun/Xianning Daily)

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