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126 Party and government organs of Xianning honored as energy-saving organs

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-09-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, National Government Offices Administration and other four departments jointly announced the list of the first batch of energy-saving organs. 126 Party and government organs at or above the county level, such as Xianning Municipal Party Committee Office and Xianning Municipal People’s Government Office, are honored as energy-saving organs, include 26 in departments directly under Municipal People’s Government, 17 in Xian'an District, 14 in Jiayu County, 17 in Chibi, 22 in Tongcheng County, 19 in Chongyang County and 11 in Tongshan County.

By the end of 2022, 70% of the Party and government organs at or above the county level will be energy-saving organs, according to the “Action Plan for the Creation of Energy-saving Organs” issued by National Government Offices Administration and other four departments. The creation work shall be carried out in accordance with the process of self-evaluation and declaration by the organ itself, preliminary evaluation and acceptance by the competent department at the corresponding level, random inspection and review by the competent department at a higher level, check and announcement by National Government Offices Administration.

In recent years, Xianning government affairs service center has thoroughly implemented the requirement of "living an energy-saving life", urged Party and government organs to be thrift rather than extravagant, perfected the system of energy-saving and resource-saving, promoted the building of green office, took the lead in implementing the classification of domestic waste, vigorously carried out publicity and education on diligence, frugality and green life, gave full play to the leading role of Party and government organs, and boosted the establishment of energy-saving organs in Xianning with high quality.

Through the creation work, the energy resources management system and the utilization efficiency of energy resources have been greatly improved, the concept of environmental protection has enjoyed popular support, and a green work and life style has been basically formed.

Xianning government affairs service center, based on the goal, will devote greater effort to enhance the achievements of creation, and constantly improve the level of creation. (By Xing Yuan/Xianning Daily)

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