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Hubei University postgraduate workstation settled in Xianning

source:xianning.gov.cn 2021-09-14 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Hubei University-Xianning Academy of Educational Sciences Postgraduate Workstation”, the first pedagogy category university-level postgraduate workstation established by Hubei University, was officially inaugurated in Xianning Academy of Educational Sciences on September 9.

The main tasks of the postgraduate workstation are to build a cooperative platform for education and scientific research and an educational practice base, and to reform the training mode of postgraduate students. The workstation adopts the dual supervisor system, which promotes the combination of production, education and research and explores the way of scientific and technological innovation by carrying out university-local government cooperative research. Through participating in cooperative scientific research, postgraduate students can carry out systematic scientific research training and cultivate innovative spirit and creative ability. Hubei University will select a certain number of postgraduate students to carry out professional practice and social practice activities every year, so as to train and reserve high-level backbone talents for the cooperative units of the construction of the station. The first batch of 10 postgraduate students has gone to E’nan Senior High School, Xianning Experimental Foreign Languages School, Wenquan Middle School and Xianning Academy of Educational Sciences for internship.

The relevant person in charge of the municipal education bureau said that they will make full use of the high quality resources of Hubei University and other colleges and universities to enhance the theoretical height of education and research in the city, increase the vitality of education and research, improve the "gold content" of education and research, contribute to the development of education, and promote the development of education in the city to better and best direction. (By Jian Bo/Xianning Daily)

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