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Xianning held "National Low Carbon Day" publicity activities

source:xianning.gov.cn 2022-06-17 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

“June 15 marks the 10th National Low Carbon Day, with the theme of implement the "dual carbon" action to co-build a beautiful home.”The "National Low Carbon Day" publicity activity, hosted by Xianning Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment, on Thursday was held in Shiliutan Park. Through the organization of "carbon road pioneer" green brisk walking, low carbon initiative and other forms, the activity guides citizens to advocate low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly work and life concept.

In the activities of the day, many citizens actively participated in the green brisk walking to express the support for energy saving and efficiency with practical action. “I think this activity is very meaningful, because the green brisk walking not only advocated green travel, but also built up our body,” said Mr. Ma from Hubei Public Trust Testing Service Co.,Ltd., and 30 workers from the company participated in the green brisk walking. As a native of Huanggang, Mr. Ma has always felt that the air quality in Xianning is very good, worthy of everyone living in Xianning cherishes.

Mr. Wu, who lives at Youth Road in the urban area, said that in recent years, with the increasing publicity, more and more people have a sense of responsibility for environmental protection, and more and more people around him usually ride bicycles to work. He said, “I heard that some communities have done a very good job in garbage classification. I hope relevant practices and experience can be further promoted, making Xianning's ecological environment better and better.”

During the National Low carbon Day publicity activities, through releasing micro videos of ecological and environmental protection, putting energy-saving and low-carbon propaganda slogans on major urban roads, calling on citizens to display "carbon footprint" and carrying out on-site publicity in the streets, Xianning Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment will further popularize the concept of ecological civilization, green development, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and foster a social trend of advocating conservation, green and low-carbon development by diversified publicity combining online and offline activities. (By Guo Rong/Xianning Daily)

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