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Consolidation engineering for Wenquan Bridge completed and re-opened to traffic

source:xianning.gov.cn 2022-06-21 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

The four-month consolidation engineering for Wenquan Bridge (No.1 Bridge) in the urban area was completed and re-opened to traffic on Monday, which effectively eliminates the hidden danger of bridge safety, providing a safe travel environment for citizens.

At 10:00 a.m. on Monday, people and cars streamed across the bridge. The bridge deck is paved with asphalt pavement, and the pavement is widened to 1.55 meters and raised to more than 40 centimeters above the bridge deck. 1.12m high galvanized steel pipe landscape guardrail is newly installed on both sides of the bridge. On both sides of the bridge, the construction personnel are carrying out the bridge end docking and other finishing work to beautify the surrounding environment of the bridge.

“The Wenquan Bridge has been in existence for decades, so it is necessary to reinforce it. Now the bridge is much more beautiful, really reflecting the practical for the people.” said granny Wu passing by the bridge.

The Wenquan Bridge was built in 1965. It is a three-span reinforced concrete double-curved arch bridge with a total length of 75 meters, an important transportation hub in the downtown area, carrying a large load of traffic flow. Due to the old age and low design standard, the bridge has been in operation so far, and there are large diseases.

In the past, the bridge deck of Wenquan Bridge has been damaged, cracked and sagging; pedestrian traffic was crowded, with low marble guardrail collision resistance grade, badly broken, and drainage was blocked; carbonation of concrete occurred in the bridge, and bridge abutment, arch rib, ribbed arch and spandrel arch ring were partly cracking, with damaged concrete iron, water seepage in arch ring and side walls.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Administration Office of the Urban Management and Law Enforcement Commission, in order to eliminate the hidden danger of bridge safety and make the bridge restore the original structure bearing capacity, the consolidation engineering focused on rebuilding and reinforcing deck paving, side pavement, handrails, main arch and spandrel arch.

The Wenquan Bridge is not only a bridge for people's livelihood, but also a landscape bridge. The official above said that while restoring the original bearing capacity of the bridge, the original style of the bridge is maintained to integrate with the natural scenery of Ganhe River. At present, the Wenquan Bridge is building landscape lighting, and it is expected to be completed by the end of June, when Xianning night scene will add new highlights.

Meanwhile, Dangui Bridge, Xinglong Bridge, and Yong’an Bridge will be reinforced and renovated step by step to eliminate hidden dangers of bridge safety. In recent years, under the leadership of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the Municipal Urban Management and Law Enforcement Commission has carried out the inspection, evaluation, maintenance and management of more than 20 bridges in Xianning City in an orderly manner. In the past three years, the commission completed the maintenance and reinforcement of Shuanglong Bridge, upgrading the guardrail of Xiaoquan Bridge and other bridge maintenance projects, laying a foundation for the good operation of bridges in the urban area. (By Zhou Yang and Zhao Zhongzhi/Xianning Daily)

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