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Xianning (central area) urban color planning came out

source:xianning.gov.cn 2022-11-03 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Currently, Xianning (Central Area) Urban Color Specialized Planning was deliberated and approved by the municipal urban planning commission.

Xianning Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning started to formulate Xianning (Central Area) Urban Color Specialized Planning in October, 2020.

“The planning covers the central urban area, with a total area of nearly 674 square kilometers,” said Wang Hongmin, director of the Park Office of Xianning Municipal Bureau of Natural Resources and Planning. She added that the color planning was finally made after refined Xianning’s natural color, humanistic color, historic and cultural color, color of artificial landscapes, color of typical buildings and color of the fifth facades, and combined existing architectural color pattern. The color card is composed of three parts: roof covering color, wall space color and ornament color. Generally, the color of the urban planning area is comely like Chinese ink painting, with the charm of sweet osmanthus and fancy light, dominated by elegant yellow and grayish white. While the roof of buildings is grey red, or covered by grey tiles, reflecting quietly elegant and profound sense of art.

According to the result of the master plan’s territorial space planning, the color planning divides the urban area into six districts: the livable Wenquan district with a melody of fancy light and interspersed with warm color, the warm grey Guanbu urban-rural integrated development pilot site with the common prosperity of industry and city, the Xiangyang Lake cultural creativity demonstration plot with fresh rustic charm and warm white and grey orange color, the modern and sprightly Xianning high-tech zone with light grey and cold color, the bright and splendid Xian’an economic development zone with cold white and grayish blue color, and the Zishan Lake big health industry demonstration area coordinated by ochre yellow mountain and water. The urban facilities’ color planning is dominated by gray and brown, and embellished by yellow, blue and green. (By Wang Xinzhuo/Xianning Daily)

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