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Chibi green brick tea made the list of national geographical indication product protection demonstration areas

source:xianning.gov.cn 2022-11-23 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, China National Intellectual Property Administration issued the list of national geographical indication product protection demonstration areas in 2022 (planning to build), including Chibi green brick tea, the only demonstration area in Xianning.

The preparation period for the demonstration area is three years, from October, 2022 to October, 2025. This time Chibi green brick tea has made breakthroughs in the geographical indication brand building, which plays a positive role in improving its popularity, reputation and market influence after utilized well the brand effect of “Chibi green brick tea”.

For the past few years, Chibi has been deeply developing the tea culture and creating new tea products, so as to accelerate the scale development, standardization, specialization and branding of the green brick tea industry. Up to now, the city has built Yangloudong tea eco-culture industrial park and Zhaoliqiao brick tea industrial park, with 11 enterprises directly engaged in the green brick tea processing and annual processing capacity of more than 60,000 tons. Chibi brick tea industry cluster was selected to the key growth-type industry cluster in Hubei province. The total output value of the brick tea industry chain reaches 4.7 billion yuan, with 316 tea business entities (including tea shop and tea house).

Chibi will continue to promote the national geographical indication product protection for the green brick tea, make the green brick tea industry cluster bigger and stronger, and build the hot spring and tea culture tourism circle integrated multiple functions, better serving the high-quality development of the green brick tea industry. (By Huang Zhu/Xianning Daily)

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