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Two towns of Xianning selected to Hubei characteristic towns

source:xianning.gov.cn 2023-02-13 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on publishing the list of Hubei characteristic towns in 2023, which said that 25 characteristic towns were assessed as qualified in the whole province, including Tongcheng abrasive cloth town and Chibi brick tea town.

Tongcheng abrasive cloth town, located in Shinan township, is an industrial development-oriented town, which deeply develops the "sandstone" culture based on abrasive cloth industry and establishes a new industrial development system integrated market and research and development, with the aim of building high-end coated abrasive tool industry and expanding industrial cluster, so as to create a multi-function, livable, industry-friendly abrasive cloth town featured Chinese national culture.

Chibi brick tea town, also known as Zhaoliqiao town, one of sources of Ten Thousand Li Tea Route, encourages and supports brick tea enterprises to make bigger and stronger and build 10,000 mu of tea garden bases and leading enterprises for making and producing brick tea. The town creates a strong atmosphere to develop the tea culture, holding tea culture activities to enrich tea culture development spirit, and relying on various platforms to recommend brick tea brands to the world, so as to thrive both production and marketing.

Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission headed the list of signers of the document for the list of building Hubei characteristic towns in 2023. The aim is to promote the high-quality and efficient development of the industries in Hubei province. It adheres to the principle of "easy to get in, but hard to stay in". At the second half of last year, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission entrusted the third-party organization to assess Tongcheng abrasive cloth town and Chibi brick tea town. They met the relevant policy and target requirements of the characteristic towns, up to standard on the whole and retained. (By Tan Hongyu/Xianning Daily)

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