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3 places of Xianning selected to "treasured places for viewing flowers" in Hubei

source:xianning.gov.cn 2023-03-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Recently, the result of the selection for "treasured places for viewing flowers" in Hubei with the theme of "Fall in love with Hubei only for cherry" was officially unveiled, including three places of Xianning.

The "treasured places for viewing flowers" in Hubei in 2023 include 20 places, such as East Lake Cherry Garden, Wuhan University, Chu Style Cherry Sea Ecological Garden in Xinzhou District, Wuhan, as well as 10000-mu wild cherry in Damu Town, Xian'an District, Gexian Mountain in Chibi, and Longquan Mountain Cherry Valley in Chongyang.

The wild cherry in Damu Town, Xian'an District blooms before its leaves come out, with great ornamental and research value. The flower season is generally from March to mid-to-late April. There exists nearly 10,000 wild cherry trees in Damu mountain area, of which big ones have the girth of 2 chi and are 50-60 years old. It's rare that the wild cherry trees in Damu Mountain are densely distributed, with lots of communities.

Gexian Mountain is at an elevation of 642.7 meters, covering an area of 6 square kilometers. Now there are 24,000 mu of wild cherry trees on the mountain, reaching for many kilometers, with white, pink and red flowers, and full-blossom period of 15 days. It integrates with Lushui Lake, a national scenic resort, facing each other with Chunpu Xianyuan Bamboo Sea and Suiyang mountains, where the natural scenes of original ecology scatter in all places. The flower season on Gexian Mountain is at mid-to-late March.

There are 100,000 mu of contiguous wild cherry trees in Longquan Mountain Cherry Valley, with prunus conradinae variety being in the majority. These wild cherry trees bloom randomly on the mountain, like a huge corolla around Longquan Mountain; while the highway winds its way at the foot of the mountain, with picturesque scenery. When tourists go sightseeing there just like walking through the painting. The flower season is from early March to early April. (By Pang Yun/Xianning Daily)

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