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Xianning Museum invites people to enjoy rare treasures of Ming Dynasty

source:xianning.gov.cn 2023-03-16 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

Xianning Museum and Qichun Museum jointly held an exhibition of rare treasures from King Jing's House in Ming Dynasty on the first floor on March 14. 128 rare treasures explained three-dimensionally seigniors' life in Ming Dynasty, and reflected the political horizon, material life and culture of Ming Dynasty, as well as exquisite technology of gold inlaid with jade of Ming Dynasty.

At the entrance of the exhibition hall, a gold pot with apricot leaf is beautifully shaped, dazzling, with an inscription at outer bottom, which recorded the time of making and material information; a gold phoenix hairpin's body is shaped up by stacking, and its head, tail, wings and auspicious clouds are fastened after molded with two gold plates respectively, presenting simple and slim shape as a whole, with a sense of mobility; Jade Gui is sharp at the top and square at the bottom, showing ancient emperors and princes' etiquette in meeting, sacrificing and funeral to the world again......

According to the staff from Xianning Museum, at the beginning of the Ming Dynasty, Emperor Hongwu (the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty) enfeoffed his sons everywhere in order to protect the central government, setting an "ancestral instruction" to determine the patriarchal-vassal system. The seigniors' life strictly obeyed imperial law and discipline rite. This exhibition selected some precious collections from seigniors of Ming Dynasty from Qichun Museum, composed of a total of 128 gold and silver jade wares, which are mainly divided into such three categories as utensil, jewelry, and costume. They fully displayed the excellent technology for gold and silver works of the Ming Dynasty and its pioneering spirit.

The exhibition will last from March 14 to May 8. All citizens can go to visit for free. (By Du Peiqing/Xianning Daily)

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