Xianning Land and Mineral Resources

2012-03-09 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Xianning City is in the transition zone from Mufu Mountains to Jianghan Plain. It is high in Southeast and low in Northwest with a combination of highland, hills, hilly areas and plain, known as the "six hill cropland of one water dichotomy, a land for homes”. The city's total land area is 9861 square kilometers, the total area of arable land is 29.17 billion mus, average per capita cultivated land is only 1.05 mu (The statistical data is 0.79 mus), lower than the national average per capita 1.55 mus, the province's 1.25 mu per capita level. Person much ground is little, contradiction between people and land is the land market, the reasonable use of land especially the protection of arable land in the city seems particularly important.

  Our mineral resources are non-metallic mineral mainly, metal mineral the less, energy and hydrosphere mineral products the least. We have found 37 kinds of minerals, which identify the resources reserves of 18 kinds of minerals, including two kinds of energy mineral products, 8 kinds of metal mineral products, 7 kinds of non-metallic mineral, and one kind of mineral water .The city has 11 kinds of mineral resources reserves ranking the top five in the whole province. Among them, magnesium, antimony, monazite, tantalum, geothermal and others rank first; gold, niobium, metallurgical dolomite rank the second; coal, vanadium and manganese rank the forth.

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