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Hotspring International Hotel

source:咸宁政府网 2012-03-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Xianning Hotspring International Hotel, the first quasi-Five Star ecological tourism resort hotel in Xianning, locates at the bank of beautiful Ganhe River where there is exquisite scenery with pleasant climate, Qianshan National Forest Park, Taiyi Cave, Flying Fairy Cave surround it in succession; it’s a hotspring tourism resort in Xianning, less than 1 km from central business district, 1.5-hour drive from Wuhan, with fast and convenient traffic.

  Relying on original ecology geothermal water resource with 1400 years of history the hotel builds a chief hotspring resort in Hubei province; now it’s a top leisure health center and visitor center with the most complete facility and thickest hotspring culture in Xianning.

  The hotel has novel design, unique style, complete functions, and generous appearance, covering an area of 30 mu with floorage of 31 000 square meters, divided into villa district with hotspring bath and main building apartment district: the former has 28 sets of various villas, covering an area of 5600 square meters; the latter covers an area of 25 000 square meters.

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