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Country Garden Phoenix Hot Spring Hotel Xianning

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Central chief conference holiday hot spring resort

Xianning Country Garden Phoenix Hot Spring Hotel is Country Garden Group Stars Hotel chain system another masterpiece, the hotel is located in Hubei Xianning on 14000 the natural hot springs and the surrounding hinterland, natural environment is superior, adjacent to the city green lung of Qianshan national Forest Park, an exquisite scenery, landscape concurrently. Set of rooms, catering, hotel spa, business, entertainment, leisure and other projects in one. Combined with a wealth of recreational facilities and complete business facilities,XianningCountry Garden Phoenix Hot Spring Hotel is business, meeting, leisure, tourism, the ideal choice for enthusiasts from all walks of life.




15 different specifications of the multi-purpose conference room, equipped with advanced multi-functional audio, projector, lighting and recording of audio-visual equipment. One of the biggest of the Phoenix International Conference Centre can accommodate 1000 people, Is the exhibitions, business meetings, parties, wedding friendship best selection. Phoenix International Conference Center in Xianning city is the most characteristic and the largest hotel conference rooms, decorated with gold dome with Italy crystal lamp, bold style, magnificent and elegant. The hall can accommodate more than 1000 people drinking feast, can be divided into two independent hall to use, convenient and flexible to your unique needs.





The hotel has 330 spacious and comfortable, noble and elegant rooms, and a variety of rooms available. Guest roomBy the international division elaborate design, decoration elegant and comfortable. Concise color, to create a free and open space; concise Decoration, creating a comfortable and warm romantic. Unique open viewing balcony outdoor scene is introduced into the interior, letYou feel the natural flavor of the at the same time, luxury beauty.




Dining Food

The hotel is located in the lobby of the Vienna restaurant with elegant atmosphere open structure, facing the green expanse of the sports park, natural and elegant harmony, let you in a warm and romantic music, melodious atmosphere in the taste of chef for your carefully prepared sections of exotic food.



Recreation / leisure

Health care massage project located in the Phoenix Spring Center two floor, equipped with 18 private rooms, to provide you with the Chinese, Thai, Hong Kong-style health massage service. Kangle hotel facilities, ornate decoration, elegant chic, with indoor and outdoor swimming pool, bowling, tennis, gym, billiard room, table tennis room and a number of entertainment project, take you to appreciate chic leisure life ……




Phoenix Hot Spring

Xianning country garden phoenix hot spring adjacent to the Qianshan national Forest Park, an exquisite scenery, landscape concurrently, is rich in precious element strontium sulfide spring, common name " beauty soup", also known as aristocratic SPA, its design style heritage of Southeast Bali Island culture theme, show the romantic style.Phoenix SPA covers an area of 30000 square meters, the volume of more than 6000 tons, the water temperature reaches 60 DEG C, a hot spring water from the mountains, clear spring water, abundant water, contains a variety of beneficial to human health, traceelements and minerals. Mountain valley spring area built by indoor, outdoor, regional composition, from the foot of a mountain peak, brought together designers unique Southeast Bali Island style concept, 60 kinds of hot spring bathing pool according to the level V set, in the natural ridge in scattered distribution, sophisticated chic, majestic and grand, like nature itself -- highest quality.Phoenix SPA according to the function can be divided into indoor and outdoor SPA area, surface characteristics of hot spring area, outdoor water park area, VIP supreme soup house area, can receive more than 2000 people enjoy the hot springs. The two floor has a rest area, provide free fruits, coffee, milk beverages; Snack kitchen you can provide snacks, meals and other. Entertainment area available on the Internet, sports, leisure; provide Thai massage




Convenient traffic

The hotel location is superior, convenient transportation; near Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Wu wide, high-speed Beijing-Zhuhai high-speed rail. Hotel from the Xianning trainstation, bus station, high-speed rail station isabout 15 minutes drive from the centre of Wuhan; Wuhan airport and about 1.5 hoursdrive from downtown and the airport; Changsha about 3 hours.




Add: Adjacent Qianshan Forest Park, Xian'an District Hot Spring, Xianning, Hubei, China


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