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Introduction of CHIBI Hotel

2012-04-26 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  CHIBI Hotel is located in CHIBI city, Hubei Province. CHIBI, one of the most important transportation centers in southeast Hubei, is only 110km from its capital city---Wuhan in the north, and 70km from Yueyang in the south, 210km from Changsha---the capital city of Hunan province, 40km from the famous ancient CHIBI battle ground in the west. Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou express railway, Beijing-Zhuhai Super highway and 107 national way cross the city, and the Yangzi River passes from its city side. So you can get any metropolitan city easily.

  CHIBI is not only one of the excellent tourist destinations, but the battleground of the renowned ancient CHIBI war, which not only owns the beauty of the southern scenery but also is the location of essence civilization of Three Kingdoms, and passes down its 1800-year civilization.

  CHIBI, which is in abundance of resource and tourist destination. Here you can enjoy the CHIBI ancient battleground, scenic spots, hot spring in Long you, 10-thousand Mu lotus in Canghu, the good summer resort---Xuefeng Mt, the fragrant tea farm and the Yang Lou cave rock floor street Which was built in Ming and Qing dynasty.

  CHIBI hotel is beside Lushui road in New City Dist of CHIBI, which is 5km from the Long You hot spring resort, and next to the national 4A spectacular scenic spot. The Hotel covers an areas of about 36000㎡, including 10800㎡ landscaping areas and 10000㎡ parking areas. The total construction area of the main building is about 28000㎡, which owns 220 luminous rooms, there are also restaurants in different style, elegant hotel hall club, well equipped meeting rooms, and there are also sauna, health care, pedicure, KTV, swimming pool, gym room and etc, adding to the warm service, make it the best resort for your choice.

  Guest Section

  The main building, looks like a sleeping eagle, lies off the scenic Lushui lake bank. When you are here, you will feel at home, and at that moment, all of the tiredness will be away …

  Hotel Section

  All the 220 hotel rooms, will provide you with various kind of service, including the e-period business function room, 24-hour center air-conditioner, firefighting and security system, international direct-dialing service, mini-bar, fridge, private safe, IPTV, 1024M net line and etc, make you feel comfortable in such splendid conditions…

  Food Section

  The food here contains all the cook style along Yangzi River culture, including the cooking style in Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and etc. And there are 12 packed boxes and 1000 seats, and the best service makes it the best choice for you to stay here…

  Health Care Section

  Items of service

  Bath: pedicure, sauna, massage, health care and swimming

  Service site

  1F in the main building

  Opening Hour


  Health care hotline

  Business Section

  The hotel, which is the largest, most luminous and the best equipped one in south Hubei, owns five different kinds of meeting room in size and has succeeded serving the leaders of our country.


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