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  Sanguo Chibi Travel Agency Limited company was founded in 1985, is the first travel agency in Xianning City, permit number: L-HUB-GN08001. The company has a good quality, experienced team of tour guides and tourism professionals, many people access to the National Tourism Administration issued the manager qualification certificate, national tour guide certificate, provide Mandarin and Japanese, English and other languages guides. After more than 20 years of development, the company with many travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, attractions, fleet, train station, airport have extensive business contacts. Founded 27 years, the rapid development of the business, then the number of Chibi city has come out in front in. We have successfully participated in the reception of the central leadership of  Jiang Zemin, Wu Guanzheng and He Guoqiang; Japan Oita City Hall delegation, Sun Daolin, Johnwoo, Tong Dawei, Zang Jingsheng and other famous directors and artists, Was also responsible for arranging the 500 Hong Kong Police traveling by car, and large reception activities. In recent years, the company has repeatedly commended by the departments at all levels to continue to serve as "Hubei Tourism Association Travel Service branch of the" governing Xianning City Tourism Association executive director, was also named Xianning City civilization, travel agencies, advanced units of the province's statistics, Top Ten Youth Civilization, Xianning City last eight travel agencies, Chibi "Youth Civilization" title.

Tel: (0715) 5352468 15926926901

Fax: (0715) 5354292

Address: Hubei province Chibi city Hebei District Road No. 218(437300)
Bus station or train station by bus 2" city hall" to stop that
Website: www.cby.com.cn
QQ: 253888623
E-mail: xyx1014@163.com

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