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Xianning Hongyan Travel Service

2012-03-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  The hunting tour, ecological tour, desert adventure tour and the special horse riding, bike riding, motorcycle riding and car rally that Xianning Hongyan Travel Service operates all have unique and innovative routes. With high quality and low price, it not only has a certain reputation overseas, but also has a very high share in the domestic tourism market. Xianning Hongyan Travel Service takes the road of profession and brand, and bolds to participate in market competition. Hubei Xianning Hongyan Travel Service is a professional tourism enterprise with a legal personality that has been approved by Hubei Provincial Tourism Bureau, registered by the administration of industry and commerce, and fully paid the travel quality bond and the liability insurance in travel service, and also a full-service professional travel company which set railway ticketing, conference incentive travel, holiday travel, adventure tourism, student summer camps and comprehensive product tour in one.

  Xianning Hongyan Travel Service is a bright banner of tourism industry in Xianning. The company has had “strive for survival, reputation and development on the basis of quality” as its purpose since it was founded, and it has won the trust and praise from tourists and groups in the same industry of the country. The tourism business has developed rapidly and its reputation has become increasingly remarkable. It has left a string of solid footprint in the tourism industry of the country: full-time tour guides were named “the top ten civilized guide”; it was awarded the glorious title of “Youth Civilization” by the Group Municipal Committee in 2004; and it was rated as “Top Eight Travel Agency in Xianning City” by the Tourist Bureau in 2005; our performance has come out first in the same year.

  We have a young management team who have college degree or above and who are experienced, proficient in business, honest and respectful to work as well as having high comprehensive quality, and a guide team who have all passed the national tour guides qualification exam and are well-trained, having good character and first- class service. They are young, enthusiastic, cheerful and quick thinking, and can offer high-quality satisfaction service for visitors at any time.

  Our company implements the General Manager Responsibility system. It has general manager office, account transfer department, guides department, reception department, marketing department, finance department, individual department and some other departments. It has modern office equipments, modern enterprise management and modern network management, has introduced national network of individual tourist bus line and has opened up more than 200 domestic and international boutique tour routes, and has successfully organized large activities such as “thousands of elderly going to the south”, “I sent my parents to Beijing”, “Tour of Hainan Parents” and “the Hong Kong and Macao Tour”.

  “Tourists first and reputation first” is our business philosophy. At the beginning of the twenty-first century, with warm and sincere heart, all the staff of Hongyan Travel Company will welcome our friends from all walks of life who have supported us, and we will offer you service with high quality and high efficiency. Hongyan Travel Service may not be your only choice, but it must be your most reassuring choice!

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