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Xianning Youth Travel Service

2012-03-19 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

    located in the center of Xianning Wenquan, Hubei Xianing Youth Travel Service Company Limited is the osmanthus village in the south of Hubei province. It was approved by the Provincial Tourism Bureau with the entity of a legal person, and is a comprehensive service travel company which requires fully paying for quality guarantee and quality. Our service orients towards the whole country and receives groups from every place to enjoy Xianning tourism and spa. We also undertake the task of various system units studying, investigating and attending meetings throughout the country. Beautiful life must be accompanied by Youth Travel Service. Youth Travel Service is willing to be your most trusted friend!

  Contact person: Bi Liqun

  Tel: +86-715-8265333 8263111

  Fax: +86-715-8907548

  Address: Opposite to the Public Security Bureau in 15, Ganhe Road, Xianing City

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