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Xianning Kanghui International Travel Service

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   Xianning Kanghui International Travel Service is a travel service which was set up the earliest, and had the largest reception capability. It has been rated as an excellent travel agency in Xianning City for eight years. It has persisted in the operating principle of “strive for customer, credibility and development on the basis of quality”. With the business philosophy of “stable, standardized and efficient”, and with a solid strength, scientific management, good reputation and professional standard service, it has won a good reputation from the majority of peers.

   Company memorabilia: 1. It is the most early established travel service in the city (established in July, 1991). 2. It is the travel service in this city where the first summer camp was held (in July, 1994). 3. The city took a lead in launching national networking tourism network system. 4. It has successfully held the Sunset Glow for six sessions and the summer camp large-scale tourism activities for eight sessions. 5. The travel service has ranked first in receiving the business volume in the city for 12 consecutive years. 6. It has supported many out-of- school children and poor college students for 8 consecutive years. 7. It has won the title of excellent travel service in Xianning City in 2002. 8. It has won the title of a Civilized Unit in Xianning City in 2003. 9. It has won the first among Xianning eight travel services in 2004, 2005 and 2006. 10. It has succeeded in trademark registration of “Holiday in Southern Hubei” in 2004. 11. It has won the title of a travel service valuing contracts and keeping promises in Hubei Province in 2004. 12. It has won the title of Youth Civilization Unit in Xianning City in 2005. 13. It has succeeded in restructuring with China Kanghui Travel Service (Group), and has been registered as “Xianing Kanghui Travel Service”. It is a branch of the Kanghui head office in Xianning, and formally dealing with the tourism business of going abroad and exit. 14. It has won the Youth Civilization Model Unit in Xianning in 2006. 15. It has been awarded the title of Civilized Travel Agency in Hubei Province in 2007. 16. It became the first international travel service in Xianing in 2008---“Hubei Xianning Kanghui International Travel Service Company Limited”

  Tel: +86-715-8383111 8383222the reception desk 8316333(tickets) 8383677 8383777 8346777account transfer



  Customer service QQ: 76733219

  MSN: pheyol@live.cn

  Address: 60-2, Changan Avenue , Xianning City,  Hubei Province (the original air station)

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