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Xianning New Airline Travel Service

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  Xianning New Airline Travel Service is a subsidiary enterprise of Hubei New Airline International Travel Service. It was approved by the Xianning City Tourism Bureau and is made up of professionals who have engaged in the tourism industry for many years and some new ones who are willful to take on tourism business. The company’s business involves tourism reception, conference arrangements, ticketing services, hotel booking, business investigation and other business. With honest, efficient, strict and standardized management, it adheres to the principle “Customer is always right”, explores actively and keeps making progress, satisfying both the tourists and the organizers, and commits to return the love of all walks of life with high quality services.

  There are many tourist attractions in Xianning City, mainly are:

  131 Underground Military Engineering Sites---it was signed and ordered by the military chief of staff at that time in January 31st, 1969. The Underground Military Engineering was built after the sites had been personally selected, and it cost as much as 130 million Yuan.

  Taiyi Cave---the Cave formed around 3.6 million years ago. Legend has it that it was built because the Taiyizhenren wanted to prevent the flood and benefit people. It was referred to as “extraordinary as if done by the spirits, and a unique in Hubei Province” and known as “the first cave in Hubei Province”.

  The scenic spot of Star Bamboo Sea---it was the United Nations Forestry Research Base, the fourth China bamboo culture festival hosting site, and the largest bamboo forest scenic area in Hubei Province.

  Xianning hot spring---the temperature of the hot spring is around 50℃. It contains more than ten kinds of elements such as sulfate, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and radon, thus can effectively enhance people’s body immunity, especially the proportion of elements is relatively appropriate, therefore it is said to be “the first spring of central China”.

  Lushui Lake scenic spot---it is also called Luxun Lake or Qiandao Lake. More than 800 emerald islands dotted within it, thus formed unique water scenery. Some attractions such as Shuihu City, the Three Kingdoms City, the Hero’s Island, and Folklore Theme Park have been built inside it.

  The Chibi Ancient Battlefield---it is the only surviving original Chibi ancient battlefield sites among the ancient seven battles which “defeat the many with a few, defeat the strong by the weak”.

  Jiugong Mountain—it is the famous summer resort which is a national scenic area and where Buddhism and Taoism coexists.

  Chuang Wang Mausoleum---it is the only mausoleum of survived national peasant uprising leaders so far.

  Park Pier Osmanthus Garden---it is one of the four major industrial bases of osmanthus.

  Tingsi Bridge(the ruins of the Northern Expedition between1926--1927 ) ---it is the national key cultural relic protection units, which has written a glorious page in the history of Chinese revolution.

  The Village of Xiangyang Lake Culture---it is the former ministry of culture of the May Seventh Cadre School site which is famous throughout the country. It is a good place for your weekend leisure.

  Welcome to Xianning! Action is better than thinking. Xianning New Airline warmly welcomes for your arrival, and ensures that you come with pleasure and leave with satisfaction.


  E-mail: czx-hengfeng@163.com

  Address: 28th, Wenquan Road, Xianning City, Hubei province

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