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Pearl balls with sweet potato powder

2011-12-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  The producing institution: Xianning Hot spring Valley Hotel

  The producer: Liu Yuebo

  Ingredients: the local sweet potato powder, smoked bacon, black mushrooms, fresh minced meat.

  Taste description: salty, fresh, sweet-smell, softy and glutious, smooth and tasty

  Cooking methods:1. the wrappers:choose good sweet potato powder and taro; steam the taro and then mash the boiled taro; add some sweet potato powder and knead it into the shape of a dough;

  2. the filling: stir thoroughly with fresh and smoked minced-meat, minced black mushroom and add salt, MSG, black pepper together.

  3. wrapping: put the meat filling into the wrapper, knead them into balls like pearl;

  4. simmer in the stock and put the balls into the soup.

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