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Sweet Potatoes Powder Balls, Xian’an Style

2011-12-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  The producing institution:Xianning Xiaolanjing Sanjiang Hot Spring Hotel

  The producer: Xiong Wenhua

  Ingredients: sweet potatoes powder balls, smoked bacon from Chongyang county, black mushrooms, the horse hoof, fish curd rolls from Xianning City.

  Taste description: salty and delicious, mellow taste, soft and refreshing.

  Cooking methods:1. Add the finely chopped bacon, black mushrooms and horse hoof into the egg white, stir it with seasoning,

  2. knead the sweet potatoes powder into dough.

  3. cut the sweet potatoes dough into cubes with 3cm, roll out the cubes with the rolling pin into thin slices, then wrap them with the filling.

  4. put the wrapped sweet potatoes balls into a pot, add fish curd rolls and braise.

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