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Xianning Four delicacies

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  The producing institution:Xianning Xiaolanjing Sanjiang Hot Spring Hotel

  The producer: Liu Xiaoyang

  Ingredients: glutious rice, Tongshan buckwheat, Taro, corn powder from Xiannning, dry osmanthus.

  Taste description:Taro Toast Rolls: crisp and sweet;

  Mantou with Buckwheat: salty and fresh;

  Glutious Rice Cake: soft and glutious with fragrant osmanthus;

  Wotou(Steamed Corn Bun ): salty and fresh

  Cooking methods: Mantou with Buckwheat: pan-fried

  Taro Toast Rolls: deep-fried

  Glutious Rice Cake: pan-fried

  Wotou(Steamed Corn Bun): steamed


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