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Chicken in A Bamboo Tube, Chongyang Style

2011-12-08 [ font size:Large Medium Small]


  The producing institution: personnal

  The producer: Li Yongjun

  Ingredients: six native Fresh Grade Legs, one piece of dried lotus leaf , one green onion, one carrot.

  Taste description:salty, delicious, sauce smell, authentically flavoured

  Cooking methods:1. kill and clean the native chicken

  2. wash the green onions and carrots clean, cut them into shreds to be prepared for cooking.

  3. remove the bones of the chicken thigh and cut them into small pieces with oyster sauce, Maggi sauce, green onion shreds, carrot shreds and pepper marinated.

  4. cut the soaked lotus leaf into a long strip, wrap the marinated chicken, then put the wrapped chicken into the bamboo, cover the mouth of the bamboo with mixed salt and eggs, put it into the oven with temperature of 250 degrees Celsius and bake for 15 minutes and transfer to a plate.

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