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Actively Develop the Special Agricultural Products in Our City

source:南鄂晚报 2009-06-29 [ font size:Large Medium Small]

  Reported by Cheng Tong and Cheng Ren (www.xnnews.com.cn)

  Yesterday, the Municipal Bureau of Agriculture revealed, to broadened the production and processing sales channels of Xianning special agricultural products, the municipal government issued A Plan of Action to Speed Up the Production and Processing Sales Process of Xianning Special Agricultural Products according to the demand of the market. By striving through years of efforts, the government will form 2 or 3 national leading enterprises of the special agricultural production and processing, and 5 to 10 provincial leading enterprises, to enhance the popularity and reputation of the special agricultural products.

  It is reported that the plan will build the Osmanthus series of the brand of Osmanthus Town Xianning and the tea series of the E’nan Jian Chun Tea, the 100 miles of Vegetables Gallery along the Yangtze River, the vegetable, grain and oil, livestock and poultry, relish food series and other series of the 500 000 acres of pollution-free vegetable plate base, totaled more than 300 species. To hold the commodities fair of the E’nan special agricultural products regularly and take it as a platform, to amplify the influence of the E’nan special agricultural products. Regard putting the E’nan special agricultural products into supermarket as a breakthrough, and with vigorously propagandizing, this plan actively builds a cooperation platform between the industrialization leading enterprises and the commerce sector, helps the enterprises to broaden their sales channels and perfect the long-term mechanism of sound quality agricultural products into the supermarket.

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